What is DVDcli ?

DVDcli is a suite of tools that help to make DVDs with a Command Line Interface.

DVDcli contains the following tools :

Where can I download it ?

Well, here. All the tools of DVDcli can be used under the terms of the General Public License version 2 (GPLv2).

The documentation is not available yet. But you can launch the tools with the --help option and for dvdcli_menu, with the --print-template option. If you understand Perl, you can also read the code.

Who are the authors ?

Me, aka Yves Mettier. You can contact me at ymettier at libertysurf.fr.

Warning : DVDcli is rather new. So the code is small and not too hard to understand. If you understand Perl, please read the code before asking questions. Maybe you can improve it ? Maybe you can add cool features ?