gmessage+ (gmessage plus) is an enhanced clone of xmessage for gnome with networking abilities.

It displays text that is specified either on the command line, in a file, through a pipe, or through a socket. When using sockets, gmessage+ can be either the server or the client.

gmessage+ is under GPL licence.

Possible uses of gmessage+:

  • gmessage+ can display a message, just like xmessage.
  • gmessage+ can display a greeting message (stored in a file for example) when a user logs in. That file is on one server so it it easy to modify it.
  • gmessage+ can wait until somebody writes a message using the telnet command. (Same use as "smbclient -M" on Unix and "net send" on Win NT).

gmessage+ contains three programs:

  • gmsgp, the main program.
      gmsgp is a clone of xmessage.
  • f2sd:
      The job of f2sd is to read a file (for example /etc/motd), then become a server that sends the content of that file.
  • netsend:
      Sends a message to gmsgp.
      netsend simulates a telnet session on gmsgp.

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gmsgp "Hello world\!"

gmsgp -b Hi,Quit
"Hello world\!"


Compile gmessage+:

make install

Build gmessage+ RPMs (>=0.5):

rpm -ta gmessage+-version.tar.gz

Launch gmessage+:

See the screenshots for other syntax examples.


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